What’s new??

Okay so apparently I am terrible at taking photos of things that I create and will try to be better with it. But so far I have made three Disney albums for my mother in law and for our family here at home. A jewelry box was made and now I am working on project life layouts. I am not very good at them but I am making the attempt. Also, the kids are all back in school now…I know crazy right? Feels like they just got out of school and summer break is already over. It is all good though we were all getting a little stir crazy. So working on project layouts now hhhmmmmm….. we shall see how this goes. If you ever want to check them out they are all on my youtube channel. Oh and the new annual Close To My Heart catalog is coming and I am so super excited about the new things being released for this new and upcoming catalog. I am really hoping to stay motivated and pumped up for my videos and blog..and oh I have a facebook page too…which I am also not really good at updating. Wah, wah, wah…..but I am hoping it will be better this year. Last year was my first year with out any kids and I think I just enjoyed it all for myself and this year I am a little more pumped to get a little more work done. So thank you all for joining my crazy journey with all of it’s up’s and downs. Hopefully we are all sitting down and riding this roller coaster straight to the top =) Crafty hugs to you all and if I remember right all of my links are flagged up on the top right portion of the page so come check out my Youtube if you haven’t already, my facebook page ( which is sadly boring right at the moment) or the CTMH website.

Insomnia and Depression?

Hey ya’ll today is probably going to be one of the more personal entries to date., but I feel like it is a subject not talked about enough. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety in 2006. This is something that has been an on and off battle for quite some time for me and I continue my fight more so today than I did back then. I am one of those type of people who take the medication for a little while and then I start to feel better and I wean myself off of the medication and I am great for a few years. Then I can feel the depression creep back up and I can usually talk myself down and work through it. I have been extremely lucky to have friends and family who have backed me up and helped me through my toughest spots. This time however it feels different. In 2012 I was in a car accident that changed my life and when I saw a therapist for the first time in a long time I was diagnosed again with anxiety and depression with PTSD on top of it all. I was given medication and had a really bad reaction to it. The doctor at the time made me feel like I was making up stories which upset me and I never went back to see him again. So what I am trying to explain is that from 2012 to now I have had to work things out on my own. No meds, no docs, just me, myself and I. Over the last two and a half weeks I have noticed a major change in myself. Not sleeping is one major thing that is new. I am not able to get my brain to turn off and quiet down in order to get to sleep. I have also noticed that I am building a fear of leaving my own home. Not because I am afraid that it is dangerous to leave my home but I have ( and this may sound silly ) a certain chair that I can sit comfortably in because standing for more than ten minutes and my whole lower half of my body starts to hurt. So if I leave I know that one of two things is going to happen, I am going to have to stand ( which is not comfy) or I am going to have to sit in a chair which I am going to have to look crazy because I have to constantly shift around to try to take pressure off from my lower back or my hips. Any who I am sharing this because it is a lonely feeling and I am breaking down and admitting that I need help. So I have seen a new doctor ( who is awesome ) and I am starting a new medical routine ( sad face ) and I am going to try everything on my end in order to help the doctors fix me. I had to have blood drawn, we are checking out my liver, kidneys, and thyroid to make sure everything is in working order but yeah…this whole new battle of things I have not dealt with before is really nerve wrecking. Hence the reason why it is 3:30 in the morning and I am here typing what is going on in my life. I am sure this will not be the last post about this but again I want to share my story, the ups and the downs because I know that for the longest time I thought I was all alone in the way I felt. Media is an amazing thing and can reach so many people across the world that if one person can read this and no longer feel like they are alone in their struggles I have done my part. I know a lot of us spend our lives wondering what our purpose is, or why are we here. I feel like I am still alive and well because I am meant to share my story, my journey and what I did and am doing to get through each and every day. Thank you all so much for your support, your advice and for your ears ( technically your eyes lol) and for letting me share a story that is very personal and close to my heart. Crafty hugs my friends!!

New Catalog =)

close to m heartHey everyone I just wanted to share in my excitement for the new seasonal catalog for Close To My Heart. There are a ton of fun items and I wish I could just order everything in the whole thing because I love it all. I am definitely going to get my hands on the Magical collection. It will go beautifully with our Disneyland trip we just took. I wanted to invite all of my crafty friends on my blog to check out the site and see if there is something there you would like to add to your crafty stash and please share your creations with me =). I gain so much inspiration by learning from all of you.


Okay, now that I think I am done promoting myself I have to be honest…I am shy of meeting my quota and I have a month to meet it.I am not trying to do a sob story I promise…but I am in panic mode. I started working as a consultant and thought I would be good at this but I am not doing as well as I had hoped. I am sharing this because I stated in the beginning of my blog that this would be the place where I share my crafty items made or my family or my own personal life. And I think this is the most personal I have gotten so far. You are all such an amazing emotional support group for me ( except for the spam guys lol )  and I cannot say thank you enough for all of your support. It is truly my friends and family that have gotten me through a lot in my life but it is my crafty friends that I have made here on my blog and over on my YouTube channel that have kept me sane when it comes to my crafting life. This is something I am really passionate about but am really still learning so much about. After doing this for about 3 years now I really thought I would be a little farther along in my self promotion. Don’t get me wrong I have had a few requests but I was hoping when I started 3 years ago that I would be making a little bit of money to be able to help out the family. I wanted this to be a hobby that I could earn a little money doing. I hope all of this makes sense to someone =). Well I think I have shared my sob story for today and the next post wont be so soppy I hope lol. but thank you all so much for hanging in there with me and listening (reading) about my personal feelings and emotions. Thank you for always supporting me and being completely understanding and always encouraging me to keep going ( hence the way you all keep me sane) for being there when I feel lost and when I feel successful. We are all on a roller coaster so thank you for holding my hand as we fly through another bump. Crafty hugs my friends!!

Wooden Chalk Letter Project


Another project I made for a friend of mine. She wanted a wooden letter with a Star Wars theme. I did not want to show the completed project for it would show her name and information but I figured you could see a little bit of my process. I took the large wooden letter L that I purchased at Hobby Lobby and painted it with chalk board paint. I then found a font and images I wanted to use on my project and printed them out on regular copy paper. I cut my images and words out and flipped them over and used regular chalk sticks and rubbed them onto the back of the image. Flipped them back over ( to where the image is facing back up ) and then traced them onto the chalk letter. Taking a grease pencil so that the image did not smudge I retraced everything again. After all of that was said and done I took pink chalk paint and retraced yet again all of my words and images. As for the stars I took Versa Mark and a star stamp and placed my stamp everywhere it would fit. Then taking white embossing powder I poured it all over the letter and heat embossed it all. I did not take the time to worry about all of the little specks that may have fallen where I did not want them exactly. I think it added to the galaxy look I was going for. I know this might be a little confusing…I am not the best when it comes to trying to explain on paper versus showing you so if you would like check out my YouTube channel and the whole process is there start to finish. Right at the top of my blog here there are tabs where you can see what else I do crafty wise. There is an about me tab ( which is not so interesting lol) my Facebook page where I have a lot of crafty inspiration and try to post a lot of my before and after shots when I can remember. My YouTube channel is available and also my Close To My Heart website. I recently did a few videos for CTMH and hope that you check them out. If you are interested in making a purchase please feel free to click on my little flag banner there and take a look around. I hope you find plenty to craft with. Thank you for all of you who continue to stick with me. I know I say this in just about every blog but it is true. Someday I will have more posts from followers than I will from spam lol. Crafty hugs to you all!!!

A Little Upcycling

So a roommate of mine left behind bar stools and I thought they would be great for my kids to use while doing homework in the room with me. Although they love the idea apparently there was not enough cushion for their behinds and they were constantly complaining about how it hurt to sit for so long. This sounded like a mommy to the rescue kind of project. So off to Wal-mart I went and I bought some foam and some material and also a heavy duty stapler. I seem to be doing a lot of things I have yet to attempt before but this is another project I can mark off my list to try. It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be but I think I need to invest in a heavy duty stapler remover because that was the hardest part. I unscrewed the top pieces from the bases and got started. There was a particle board piece and I used it as my template. After tracing the foam, I cut it all apart and then hot glued them to the particle board. I then took my material and stapled it like crazy making sure not to cover up the holes where the screws would have to be placed back into. Well after all was said and done my kids were really happy to have new chairs and they love sitting on them all the time. You would think I glued them to the chairs lol. But they are happy which makes me happy. Here are some photos. One of the before and one of the after. If you do any uncycling projects please share them I would love to see what you create. Crafty hugs!!!



The before photo

And The After Photo

And The After Photo

Crochet Projects

20160407_100155 So here is an owl blanket I created for a friend of mine who decorated their little girl’s room in the theme of owls. This was created using a corner to corner pattern. This was my first time doing this so it was very nerve wrecking but I think it turned out okay. They liked it which was the key and I am so glad they do. I also made a pillow to go with the blanket but as we all know being a tech is not my thing and I cannot seem to get the photo to cooperate with me and upload so I will be thankful for the one photo I can get up here and share with you. 20160510_011840This is a monkey I created for one of the teachers from the kids school. Her whole room is monkey themed and she asked if I could create one for her. This is not my pattern and it was found on Pinterest. Here is the link I found and I want to make sure that credit is given where credit is due. This was a challenging pattern for me because all amigurumi patterns are for me lol. Her blog is allaboutami.com and she has a lot of really cute posts of there so check her out…. http://www.allaboutami.com/post/138550765296/monkey.

As for future crochet projects…..I have a ton on my list. My mom spotted the monkey and now I am working on making another one for her. A belated mothers day gift and I am looking for the perfect scarf, shawl or wrap patterns to make for Christmas. Yes, I am actually trying to work on Christmas projects early. I have to admit that I have worked on a lot of projects ahead of time and it has really been nice to not stress out at the last minute to get them done so I am hoping to stay in the habit of being ahead of the game. I am sure that I will always feel behind in a way since there is so much I would love to do in a day but there is only so much time. For those of you taking the time to read my blog and still hanging on by a thread with me and it…I so appreciate you. For those who have hung on since the beginning and those who just joined me you all mean so much. I am really motivated for the moment to get my crafty life in the direction I really want it to go in. Thank you again so much for hanging out with me on all of my adventures. Crafty hugs and until next time….keep doing what makes you happy!!

A New Video? Epic Fail =(

Okay so I have been talking about getting back on track with my videos and hoping to get the crafty mojo back. I finally have a project I want to work on and do a video on. Thank goodness I didn’t do it. I made a video to kind of just chit chat and share some things that I have worked on since I have been gone from YouTube and of course if you have ever watched one of my videos, you know I ramble a lot. So the video was almost about an hour long ( yep, lots of rambling lol ) and I wanted to make sure everything was okay with it because a message kept popping up about the audio having issues. Which I have had this message before and not had a problem…go to upload my almost hour long video and feeling pretty excited about it. No sound! Yep…all you see are my hands flailing around all over the place. I show something and of course I am talking about it so you just see what ever it is hanging out on the screen for about ten minutes or so….awesome! So I told you all that I was going to making a video….I promise it is coming. I actually miss YouTube way more than I thought I would. I miss hanging out with everyone and just chit chatting and getting responses. So on that note I am off to make a video and hopefully, fingers crossed, my voice will come through this time. Thanks for hanging out with me and again hopefully I will be seeing you soon =). Crafty hugs!!

Just An Update

Ever think to yourself that you don’t really do much throughout the week and then look back over the week and think “Whew” I am so glad that is over. That is the kind of week I have had. I always think to myself that as a stay at home mom I don’t really do much. I mean the basics sure but anything more than that…not really. Well this week tested me lol. I look back at it now and think wow…I did more than I realized. That’s awesome. Monday is usually my day with my mom. The kids are dropped off at school and then we are enjoying our coffee until about 9 a.m. and then off we go. Grocery shopping, window shopping and then a little lunch and then to come home and put everything away before I rush off to pick up the kids. Then it is homework and cooking dinner and then it is showers and bed time. I always thought routines were not my thing and don’t get me wrong they still are not my thing but I think this week went pretty well. Tuesday was pretty much laundry day which is pretty much an all day process for me since it causes me pain and is a pain lol. Then off to pick up the kids and remember oh no Jonah’s dinorama is due tomorrow. So off we go to working on that. Then dinner time and no time for showers. Wednesday was a “hey I think I’ll work on Valentines” kind of day. Pick up kids, do homework, make some dinner, showers and off to bed. Thursday the hubby was off so we ran a few errands. And of course you guessed it….picked up the kids, homework, some dinner and showers and finally off to bed. Friday was amazing. I did absolutely nothing. I mean I sat in my chair and watched my favorite channel and even took an hour nap before getting the kids. Picked up the kids and yes!!! No homework. I decided that we would attempt to tackle the kids room….since we moved them into their own room. But alas we did nothing but relax. Saturday…which is today…we tackled the kids room. I watch a lot of Clutter Bug’s YouTube channel and one thing she mentions is labels to help kids know where the home is for all of their toys. Labels?? Ugh…this means organization. If you haven’t come to the realization that organizing and I do not get along. Hence the reason my craft room is still not done. Yeah…no where close to being done. It looks just as bad as it did in the smaller room but now I have space to walk around it lol. I want some pixie dust that can make it take care of itself but anywho….I brought in the label maker, some tags and my children. And off to work we went. I have to admit…not as bad as I thought it was going to be. The kids know where everything belongs from barbie toys to the Lego’s. Now I don’t have to hear…” But, I don’t know where it goes” because they decided where it was all going to go and I put the tag and label on it. So now I am looking at my room again…I have a feeling my OCD bug hasn’t left me yet and that will be getting tackled soon. Good news is that my hubby finally got me a new set up for my camera and fingers crossed it doesn’t fall off when I record but hopefully Monday or Tuesday I will be making a video. Maybe I will show the Valentine’s I have been working on or alter one of the projects I am working on for the little one’s teachers. Well I think I am all done for today. I had a busier week than I thought and just wanted to share. For someone who thinks she does nothing…I got a lot done this week. Crafty hugs to you all and thank you all so much for hanging in there with me and for being patient with me. Hopefully videos will be up soon.

Progress Being Made

So as you know, we are in the process of moving my craft room. I am happy to say that all furniture and product has been moved. It is a hot mess right now and trying to figure out where everything is going to go is just as complicated as it was in the smaller room. I can say that I am really excited about having a bigger room so that my children can enjoy it with me. My last room was literally so small that my youngest daughter could stand next to me and all the available room was taken. Now they can all sit in here with me and keep me crazy…I mean company lol. My poor hubby is exhausted from moving all of the lovely, heavy, odd-shaped furniture up a U-shaped stairway. My mom is enjoying her new little room downstairs which is easier for her since she and stairs do not get along very well. So…so far so good. Now that I am getting all set up and really excited about my new area, I am hoping to get my videos up and crafting more. I have my “random idea book” where I jot down things I would like to do in videos and cannot wait to get this new year up and going. There have also been a lot of sadness going on….if any of you have seen my Facebook page you know that one of my dear friends lost his dad. My other friend lost her sister and an old co-worker of mine lost her father in law all in less than three days. It hits home and makes me rethink life. To enjoy it a little more. To smile more and yell less. To hug my kids and tell them I love them. To remind myself that tomorrow is not promised and even though I am stressed out about the everyday stuff like: laundry, dirty dishes, vacuuming, cooking, showers and brushing teeth…it is okay to laugh through it. It amazes me how much I forget how fragile life really is. I just tend to live day by day and do what needs to be done for the day…but what did I enjoy about today? What about today will make my children smile? A perspective of life that is not new because every time I hear of a loss it re triggers it for me but I tend to forget about it after just living life. It is such a fast roller coaster that always seems to end too short. So love your loved ones. Hug them tight every night and always have a high point and a low point every day. So you always remember to smile and be humble. Thank you all so much who have followed my journey, who have stayed around with me on my journey and continue to ride this roller coaster with me. I cannot thank you enough but thank you for being a part of my book and for continuing to read the pages as we write them. Crafty hugs to you all and I will be seeing you all soon!

New Craft Room?

Okay so if you by chance read my last post you know that I am in the long process of attempting to get my craft room together. As in organizing and cleaning…I am about 75% done with it and now we might possibly move it. We have a master bedroom with a loft like area that is in the room. We pretty much have our own living room in our bedroom and it is really nice. But…my little ones are in the room. We set it up this way and thought it would work out the way we “planned in our heads” but of course those never work the way we want them to. So now we have decided that they will move into a room down the hall and the craft room will move into the “loft” area in my bedroom. This is a lot of moving and I have to admit I am a little sad that we did not think of this before I watched the silverware theory video. I have spent so much time in here cleaning and thinking I am making progress. I can actually see about 50% of my desk and more than half of my floor now. I am pretty proud, it has taken me all week to get this far. Now to pack it all up and move it….ugh…but the good news is that the “loft” area is actually larger than this room. By almost twice the size. So that is a good thing and maybe I wont feel so cramped. We are actually thinking about moving my hubby’s little corner office into the room as well. So that way when the kids are in school we are on the same floor again and can actually talk to each other again. Perhaps this may not work….I am just kidding. He will have his own little corner and I will take the rest of the room like I did in our old house. We will then turn his open corner “office” area and make it a mini play room for the kids to be able to play in together. So for now, although I am really proud of the progress made…it is going to come to a stop and I will wait until my hubby has his days off and the move shall begin. Wish me luck…lots of it. We are definitely going to need it. Especially since my desk is old, made out of oak, and is massive. Not only are we going to move it upstairs but we are one of the lucky ones who have that U-turn type of stairway. This shall be fun so again thank you all so much for hanging in there with me in all the ways you have hung in there. Whether it be through YouTube, my blog, or checking out my Close To My Heart site. There is no way for me to express my gratitude. But thank you.